Demountable Portaloo for Sale

The "Rapidloo Pro" portable restroom

If you're looking to buy a portaloo that you can assemble in 3 minutes or less, then this amazing, demountable portable toilet is one of the coolest inventions in the portable sanitation industry to date. Not only is it fast and easy to set up, it requires no tools! No component weighs more than 40 pounds (18 kg) so most people can assemble Rapidloo Pro.

As if ease and speed of assembly weren't enough, Rapidloo Pro can be packaged in stacks of four that would normally occupy the same space as a single portable toilet.


One person can assemble this portaloo in less than three minutes (without accessories)!

4 toilets take up the same space of one conventional portable toilet saving you 75% in freight costs and warehouse space.


No drilling, riveting, or tools are required. Simply unpack and begin assembling in minutes.

Door is already assembled in its door frame saving you time.

Door comes equipped with two springs for a better closure during use.


New, sturdy door handle provides more secure blocking and isn't exposed to stress.

Base has holes which can be anchored to the ground or used with craned and mechanical arms.

Guide slots in the base simplify your efforts during assembly and when stacking four toilets in one.

Your company's logo can be molded into the door for superior branding instead of labels that can peel off.

By storing them in packs of four, the three toilets inside are not exposed to ultraviolet rays, which lengthens their life span.

Interchangeability: In case of vandalism, you can easily replace a component without needing tools, screws, or rivets.

Available in the following colors: electric blue, ocean blue, tiffany blue, bordeaux, lemon, TB gray, consolle gray, granite, lime, pink, orange, red, sand, bright green, and dark green. Customizable colors are available for an extra charge.


Minimum order: 4

Load quantity on a 40HC container: 80

Quantity full optional in a 40HC container: 68

9mt truck + 6mt trailer: 100

9mt truck + 6mt trailer (full optional): 88

Technical specifications


86.5 inches

220 cm.


43.5 inches

110 cm.


47.3 inches

120 cm.

Door opening

24.5 inches

62 cm.

Waste capacity

58 gallons

220 L

Weight (empty)

187 pounds

85 kg.

Floor space

42 x 20 inches

106 x 50 cm.

Packaging height

106 inches

270 cm.

Optional accessories

To make Rapidloo Pro even more useful, consider purchasing the following accessories: RP Clean hand wash sink, roller wheels, solar lights, urinal, secure straps for shipping, foot pump for flushing, and straps for hoisting with a crane.

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