Twin Hand Wash Station

RP Twin

The RP Twin is one of our most versatile hand wash stations because like the AquaPop, it positions two sinks back to back, to be used as a free standing unit for two users. This is beneficial at events, construction sites, or any place clean hands are needed. Otherwise, RP's twin sinks can be separated and installed in Rapidloo Pro cabins.


You can have your logo custom molded onto the side of the sinks for superior branding.

Twin sinks stand alone. Perfect for outdoor events.

Each basin has a capacity of 15 gallons (60 L) of fresh water and a 15 gallon capacity for waste water.

Comes with two soap dispensers and two paper towel dispensers.

Foot pump on each side screens water onto users hands.

Comes in gray but the color can be customized for an additional fee.

Technical specifications


58 inches

148 cm.


30 inches

75 cm.


20 inches

50 cm.

Fresh / waste water capacity

16 gallons

60 L

Weight (empty)

77 pounds

35 kg

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