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Aluminum slide-in tanks

for portable toilet waste removal

Aluminum slide-in tanks for portable toilet waste removal

Do you need the ability to remove waste from your portable toilet rentals? Don't have a large vacuum truck? Do you have a small service area? 


As long as you have a pick up truck, we have two options that should suit your needs perfectly!

Option 1
300 gallon capacity tank | 200 waste | 100 water

This tank holds 200 gallons of waste (757 liters) and 100 gallons of fresh water (378.5 liters). It is 6 feet (182 cm) long.

Option 2
450 gallon capacity tank | 300 waste | 150 water

This tank holds 300 gallons of waste (1,135 liters) and 150 gallons of fresh water (567.8 liters). It is 87 inches (221 cm) long.

More details

Both options run on gasoline, have an electric-start Honda engine that has 5.5 horse-power, and come with a kit that contains the following:


- One 2 inch (5 cm) 90 male camlock for option to replace straight camlock on bucket fill


- 20 inches (50.8 cm) of red 6 gauge battery cable for option to wire battery on unit to truck battery


-One 2 inch female camlock to garden hose adapter for fresh water fill through bucket fill

Technical specifications

- 8 inch (20 cm) by 2 inch NVE low profile primary with stainless steel ball and cage


- 3 inch (7.6 cm) discharge with 3 inch full port poly ball valve, male camlock and dust cap


- 3 inch top nipple with 2 inch adapter for Tigertail Suction hose


- Two 2 inch sight eyes in waste compartment, half-moon style hose hook suction hose


- Hose hook for wash down hose, one work light, full length fork lift pockets

- Shurflo 12 volt wash down pump, 3.0 gallons (11.4 L) per minute, 2 inch MZ plastic secondary


- 2 inch diamond plate aluminum oil trap


- 2 inch bucket fill with 2 inch straight male camlock fitting


- 2 inch x 30 foot (9.1 m) Tigertail suction hose with 2 inch valve and 30 inch schedule 80 PVC wand


- .5 inch x 50 foot (15.2 m) wash down hose with spray nozzle, 12 volt battery

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