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Portable sanitation accessories for sale

Various Camlock sanitation website.JPG

Cam locks and dust covers

We have all the cam lock & dust covers you need for your portable sanitation trucks. These are available in various sizes and are ideal for pumping out restroom trailers or RVs. Hoses are available as well.

Lift Kit.jpg

Crane lifting kit

A useful kit for hauling up toilets has been designed for those companies that focus on construction site toilets and require safe and handy tools to facilitate the lifting of toilets by crane. The kit can be inserted into the roof and through the hidden core alongside the wall panels of the toilet and fixed in the bottom for a secure hold.

Armal Free-standing urinal 03.jpg

Free standing urinal

Each urinal has four stations that up to 4 men can use at one time, freeing up more portable toilets for women. Event goers love it!

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Portable grease trap cleaner

Grease trap pump

This is a portable pumping system for grease traps and catch basins. It can easily transported to any outdoor event or restaurants to remove unwanted cooking oils and grease.

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Hand sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizers and dispensers

Pandemics tend to remind people how important hand washing and sanitizing is. But even when there isn't a pandemic, cleanliness is so important. Our sanitizer is 80% alcohol and hospital grade.

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Hand sanitizer stands

Our hand sanitizer stands are a good alternative to portable hand wash stations. They take up less space, don't require water, and can accommodate up to 4 people at once.

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Holding Tank_edited.jpg

Holding tanks

Holding tanks are ideal for any job or special event site to add discrete, reliable storage.

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The Wave Shower

Portable showers - The "Wave"

The Wave portable shower has internal accessories allowing for easy hook-up to plumbing and sewage systems. The shower floor is made of anti-slip resin so it's very hygienic and easy to clean.

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Fresh Start Shower.jpg

Portable showers - Fresh Wave

Have you been searching for an affordable response to those customers looking for single-unit showers? Here’s your answer...

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Recirculating kit.jpg

Recirculating and re-flow kits

These kits provide a more pleasant and hygienic experience for users because they make any portable toilet flushable. No tank chemicals will splash onto the user.

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Rivet Gun

Rivet gun

This pneumatic tool is intended solely for use with rivets. We recommend the use of a lubrificator group for compressed air to protect the tool from premature wear and tear of the components in movement.

Slide In Tank.jpg

Slide-in tanks

If you've got a pick up truck and you need to service your portable toilets, we have a 300 gallon or 450 gallon capacity aluminum slide-in tank that will meet your needs.

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Trash and recycling boxes

Don't forget to provide your event attendees with trash receptacles. These cardboard trash boxes are lightweight, sturdy, and can be assembled in seconds. They are super convenient, low cost, and a necessity for clean common areas. If you make the mistake of forgetting them, you'll soon realize their value.

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