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Recirculating Kit / Reflow Kit

A recirculating kit ensures a more pleasant experience for the end user of our Wave toilets.


It has a filter and foot pump design that screens liquid chemical from the holding tank, and uses it to clear the solid waste off of a counter-weighted plastic plate that blocks entry into the holding tank.

This is very hygienic, as no tank chemicals will be able to splash onto the user. The user simply depresses the foot pump (or the hand level in the case of our Aspen toilet reflow kits) and the solid waste is washed off the plate and into the holding tank, the plate then repositions itself to seal off the holding tank.


Convert your open tank portable toilet to a closed tank, flushing portable toilet with this recirculating kit. Don't know how? We will teach you, no worries!


The Wave Portable Shower

The Wave portable shower has internal accessories allowing for easy hook-up to plumbing and sewage systems.


The shower floor is made of anti-slip resin so it's very hygienic and easy to clean.


For more information, technical specifications, and shipping info, CLICK HERE.

The Wave Shower

Cam Locks & Dust Covers

We have all the cam lock & dust covers you need for your portable sanitation trucks.


These are available in various sizes and are ideal for pumping out restroom trailers or RVs.


Hoses are available as well.


Crane Lifting Kit

A useful kit for hauling up toilets has been designed for those companies that focus on construction site toilets and require safe and handy tools to facilitate the lifting of toilets by crane.


The kit can be inserted into the roof and through the hidden core alongside the wall panels of the toilet and fixed in the bottom for a secure hold.


Hand Sanitizer & Dispensers

Keep your guests germ free and clean with hand sanitizer after using portable toilets.


Soap dispensers and paper towels are also optional accessories that work will with our hand wash stations.


We can't push cleanliness enough. Adding hand sanitizer dispensers to your toilets is always a nice touch. Customers appreciate it!


Holding Tanks

Holding tanks are ideal for any job or special event site to add discrete, reliable storage.



  • Heavy-duty grab handles for easy transport

  • A sloped design that prevents water from pooling

  • 250 gallon capacity for maximum waste storage

  • Durable rotomolded plastic construction

  • One manhole cover included. Optional second available

  • Six Fernco© fittings for multiple plumbing configurations

  • Easily slides between the wheel wells in most pickup trucks and trailers




432 mm



1,168 mm



2,237 mm


125 lbs.

59 kg


250 gallons

946 L


Trash Boxes

Don't forget to provide your event attendees with trash receptacles.


These cardboard trash boxes are lightweight, sturdy, and can be assembled in seconds.


They are super convenient, low cost, and a necessity for clean common areas.


If you make the mistake of forgetting them, you'll soon realize their value.


Rivet Gun

This pneumatic tool is intended solely for use with rivets.


We recommend the use of a lubrificator group for compressed air to protect the tool from premature wear and tear of the components in movement.