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Portable restroom lighting solutions

Compare LED solar lights

As you can see from this graphic, we have three options for solar powered lighting inside your portable restrooms.


The "Good" solar powered LED lights are economical, motion activated, and easy to install. They provide ample amount of light for evening events or a great upgrade for construction units for those sites that work throughout the night.

The "Better" option is our most popular solar powered motion activated LED lights. They are easy to install and are a wonderful upgrade to your special event fleet. Customers love them!

Though I love the look and the durability of our "Best" solar powered LED light, I personally do not think it's best for tropical climates. It's a great product but moisture gets trapped in the dome. 



How many times have you brought toilets back to your shop and have discovered someone's phone in the bottom of the tank? Countless times I bet. The Phone-Lite serves two purposes: 1) it holds the end user's cell phone and 2) can provide light during evening events. How brilliant!

Solar Rechargeable Head Lamp_edited.jpg

Rechargeable head lamp

If you've ever worked in portable restrooms in the dark, then you know the value of having light. This handy device not only provides hands-free lighting, but you can power it by the sun, alkaline batteries or a USB charger. Four super bright 2835 LEDs (0.8W) last 4 hours per charge!

LED Safety Batons.jpg

LED safety batons

Does your team start in the early hours before the sun rises? Do they carry flashlights with them? Check out our rugged LED Safety Batons. They operate in temperatures from -32℉ to 240℉ and are visible up to a 1/2 mile away. Amazing! You'll never use a flashlight again.

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