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Outdoor portable sink for sale


Clean hands are a must! That's why we offer AquaStand, an outdoor, independent (or free standing) portable hand-wash sink that's designed to withstand any weather condition. Comes with paper towel and soap dispensers.


Ideal for parks, outdoor events, concert venues, construction sites, or any application where pipe-born water is scarce.

Water tank has a tamper-free lid that keeps water fresh.

Offers hands-free foot pump operation, optional soap, and paper towel dispensers are available for purchase.

Lightweight, easy to maneuver, and even easier to operate.

Technical specifications

Weight empty:

63 lbs

28.6 kg

Fresh/waster water capacity:

23 gal

87 L

External dimensions:

32" x 23" x 55"

81 x 58 x 140 cm



Material used:


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