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External hand wash sink for sale

The Mariner

The Mariner is an external hand wash sink that is designed to be used by one or two people. It is great for outdoor events where portable sanitation is needed such as weddings, festivals, and concerts. 


It can stand alone as a dual hand wash station allowing two simultaneous users, has easy on-site maintenance with discharge tap, it fits inside any portable toilets for easy transport, has a large foot pump opening (fits standard size work boot), has an extra large paper towel dispenser, molded nozzle, large forearm sized basin, sealed fresh & grey water tanks and recessed handles.


Technical specifications

Weight empty:

58 lbs.

26.31 kg.

Fresh water / waste water capacity:

22 gal./25 gal.

83.30 L/94.60 L


19 in.

483 mm


28 in.

711 mm


50 in.

1270 mm

Material used:

Polyethylene, Metal parts in stainless steel

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