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Hand sanitizer and dispensers for sale

We understand that many people don't like using portalets because they believe they are unsanitary and smell bad.


But there are ways we can improve each users experience and one way is by installing soap and/or hand sanitizer dispensers inside each cabin. They can also be attached to our hand washing stations.


Our sanitizer is hospital strength, 80% alcohol. It's sure to kill any germ, bacteria, or virus.


Feel free to re-fill your current sanitizer bottles or simply add a pump (not included). Size: 1 gallon (3.8 L).​

We cannot push cleanliness enough! Along with the regular use of deodorizers, adding soap and hand sanitizer dispensers to your toilets is always a nice touch.


Customers greatly appreciate it!

Gallon bottle of 80% hospital grade hand sanitizer for sale
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