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Handicap port-o-let for sale

The "Liberty" portable restroom

The Liberty is a spacious, handicap port-o-let that can also be used as a restroom for families. Parents with small children prefer the additional space that Liberty provides compared to a standard size portable restroom.


If you are providing toilets for an event and are not required to have a fully compliant ADA toilet, then the Liberty is a less expensive alternative. Yet it still provides a patented flat-floor system for wheelchair accessibility and ample space for maneuverability. 


Due to the strength of its side walls, capped roof, and flat floor system, this port-o-let is able to retain its shape over its lifespan.


4 year limited warranty.

Large, easy-to-grasp handles.


Currently available in dark gray.

Bi-directional roof tie-down grooves.

Stake down holes on all four corners.

Handrails, toilet paper holder, and rotary latch are designed for simplicity.

Made of high molecular weight polyethylene to resist vandalism and abuse.

Vacuum formed twin sheet door frame is rugged and will not bend or buckle like metal frames.

Technical specifications


93 inches

2,311 mm.


62 inches

1,575 mm.


62 inches

1,575 mm.

Door opening

81 x 33 inches

2,054 x 831 mm.


35 gallons

132 liters

Seat height

19 inches

483 mm.


250 pounds

170 kg.

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