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Portable hand washing station for sale


Stow-Away is a portable hand washing station that two users can use simultaneously. Each side has a sink (or basin) and a paper towel dispenser that uses 2-fold paper towels. It's made of durable plastic which allows it to withstand outdoor elements and may be transported inside portable toilets. It's a great solution for any event or job site in need of mobile sanitation.


- Molded base prevents wear on tanks when being moved


- Fill and evacuation ports for easy service


- Convenient handles for easy portability

- Fresh and grey water drains


- Single-piece outer body for added durability


- Enclosed freshwater tank


- Large opening at foot pump to accommodate work boots

Technical specifications

Weight empty:

65 pounds

29.5 kg.

Fresh water / waste water capacity:

24 gallons

91 L


28 inches

711 mm


17.5 inches

445 mm


50 inches

1,270 mm

Counter height:

35.5 inches

902 mm

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