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Portable toilet made for women

The female friendly "Hergo"

As a woman in the portable sanitation industry, I will be the first to tell you women seem to be the messiest. HERGO is the newest and most innovative portable restroom designed on the market to accommodate us ladies.

Hergo has been especially designed to improve ergonomics, to reduce contact with the toilet’s tank and seat, and to save precious time. Hergo is not just a portable restroom. It is a new, more relaxed restroom experience.

Thanks to the innovative design of the tank’s and the seat’s shape, not only can users move within the cubicle with more freedom, but they can also use the portable restroom adopting a more natural position, and without having to touch any surface.


In addition, the inclusion of design details such as a coat hanger and a large handle on the inner door, allows for a safer, more stable experience.

All these adjustments result in a substantial reduction of the time spent in the portable restroom which, particularly from a female perspective, is a remarkable result. This is all the more true when we consider that the average female user spends 3.39 minutes in a portable toilet, against the 57 seconds spent by male users.


Hergo drastically reduces these times and, by consequence, shortens the time spent in line by its users, which in return improves their overall experience.

Hergo comes in two versions:

Drop tank
Hergo Holding Tank

Using gravity as a flushing system, this traditional configuration allows for 230 uses thanks to its wide tank positioned right under the seat, which is kept dry and clean thanks to a spring lid.

Recirculating flushing system
Hergo portable toilet recirculating flushing system with foot pump

Thanks to this configuration, flushing happens thanks to a foot pump that recirculates fresh water after it has been cleaned and filtered. Water mixed with sanification liquid is then used to freshen up the portable restroom after each use.

Technical specifications

External dimensions

41.7 x 41.7 x 91.7 in.

106 x 106 x 233 cm.

Internal dimensions

39.3 x 39.3 x 83.4 in.

100 x 100 x 212 cm.

Seat height

20 in.

51 cm.

Tank weight (empty)

167.5 lbs.

76 kg.

Tank capacity

47.5 gal.

180 L.

Number of uses


Material used:

High density grade 4 polyethylene. Anti UV treatment.

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