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Due to the Coronavirus, portable sinks are in high demand and availability varies from day to day. We do have hospital-grade hand sanitizer in 1 gallon containers and recommend that you purchase it while supplies last. We welcome you to call (or WhatsApp) 1-239-848-8355 or contact us to be put on a waiting list for sinks. Thank you. :)

Portable Toilet Supplier for the U.S., Guam, Caribbean, and South America

When it comes to purchasing from portable restroom providers, are you frustrated with the high cost of shipping to the Caribbean, South America, & Guam? Are you treated as "less important" than larger companies, if you typically place small orders? Do you feel like they just don't understand your needs for restroom rentals and service? Good news, now you have a solution...

Sanitation Solutions, Inc.

Sanitation Solutions, Inc. is conveniently located in Naples, Florida. Although we have no control over costs to ship your freight, purchasing from us will significantly reduce your shipping costs than from a provider in let's say "the midwest."

Whether you purchase 10 restrooms or 100, we value all order sizes and vow to treat you with respect and understanding. Your business deserves our gratitude no matter the quantity of equipment purchased.

Other providers may not understand your rental & service needs. But our sister company is JW Craft Portable Restrooms. We have 70+ years of combined experience. Rest assured we fully understand rentals & service!

We know not all orders can be at "our leisure" and some are needed immediately. We are fully stocked with a variety of restroom equipment made readily available to you. We're ready, willing, & able to assist. Are you feeling the love yet? 

Porta-Potties for sale in Florida
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Portable sanitaton services

With a wide range of portable restrooms for sale including standard, ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible, female friendly, and crane friendly toilets, you'll have plenty of options for every occasion. 

You'll find cam locks, dust covers, hand sanitizers, crane lifting kits, showers, tanks, trash boxes, lighting, and other such accessories and specialty items here.

Whether you need help with product assembly, shipping and logistics, local delivery, consulting for special events, training for natural disasters, or construction projects, we're experienced in all areas of our industry.

Need more info? Contact us.

Sanitation Solutions, Inc.

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