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Standard porta potty for sale

The "Aspen" portable restroom

When you're looking to buy a porta potty, the standard Aspen is one of our best selling models. The Aspen's sleek, modern design is ideal for special events yet tough enough to handle your job.​


The attractive, contemporary design is available in a variety of colors including dark blue, citrus green, pine green, teal, patriotic (red, white, blue), and purple.

Unique elliptical shaped design adds integrity, strength and interior room


Standard unit comes complete with hover handle, coat/purse hook, oversized mirror and shelves


Rugged, large capacity drop tank with sloping lines keeps the tank top dry and clean


Large integrated vents eliminate unnecessary screen maintenance


Oversized decal areas for custom logos on both door and side panels

Upgrade to a flushable porta potty

Reflow kit makes a porta potty flushable

Users of the Aspen love having the option of flushing the toilet which can be accomplished easily by installing a reflow kit.

The user simply utilizes a hand pump to screen water onto solid waste to wash it off a backing plate. It is deposited into a holding tank, reducing odor and improving the user's experience.

Technical specifications


93 inches

2,356 mm


46.5 inches

1,181 mm


48.5 inches

1,232 mm


150 pounds

68 kg

Door opening

75 x 28 inches

1,892 x 711 mm

Seat height

19.5 inches

495 mm


65 gallons

246 liters

Door decal area

16 x 8 inches

400 x 208 mm 

Wise additions for optimal user experience

Internal sink
Companion 12 Portable Internal Sink

Install a Companion 12 and stop germs in their tracks. It is compatible with Aspen porta potties and uses a foot pump to screen water onto the user's hands. Comes with paper towel and liquid soap dispensers.

Hand sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer and dispenser

Users of your portable restrooms will appreciate having a hand sanitizer dispenser installed. Sanitizer helps stops the spread of germs, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and some diseases.

Liquid blue deodorizer for porta potties

A foul smelling porta potty can be repulsive which is why you must have deodorizers. Choose from power packets, non-formaldehyde liquid, fragrance spray, or urinal disks in a variety of scents. Users will thank you!

Free standing urinal
Free standing urinal by Armal

Up to 4 men can use this free standing urinal at once. At crowded events (especially where beverages are offered) this shortens lines for porta johns, allowing guests to get back to the main attraction.

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