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Recirculating and re-flow kits

A recirculating kit ensures a more pleasant experience for the end user of our Wave toilets.


It has a filter and foot pump design that screens liquid chemical from the holding tank, and uses it to clear the solid waste off of a counter-weighted plastic plate that blocks entry into the holding tank.

This is very hygienic, as no tank chemicals will be able to splash onto the user. The user simply depresses the foot pump (or the hand level in the case of our Aspen toilet reflow kits) and the solid waste is washed off the plate and into the holding tank, the plate then repositions itself to seal off the holding tank.


Convert your open tank portable toilet to a closed tank, flushing portable toilet with this recirculating kit. Don't know how? We will teach you, no worries!

Recirculating kit for Wave portable toilets
Five Peaks Reflow Kit
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