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Standard Portable Toilet for Sale


The "Wave" Portable Restroom

The “Wave” portable restroom is a real step ahead in the portable sanitation industry and is the result of years of manufacturing experience.


“Wave” offers the maximum ease of use for its operators and is designed for the needs of those in the portable toilet rental business.

It is manufactured with sophisticated and resistant materials which have been transformed using highly precise production methods, and combines that with an engineering project whose main objectives are ease of use, safety, and quality/price rapport for the operator of portable toilets.

“Wave” was specifically designed to have super-smooth surfaces which makes it easy to wash; the walls are assembled using an overlapping system, hiding the rivets for better security and practicality, making the interior well-finished and done with care.

Available in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. If you prefer a larger variety of colors, try our other standard porta potty.

Upgrade to a Flushable Portable Toilet

If giving the end user a more pleasant experience is important to you, then we highly recommend upgrading to a flushable toilet. This is easily accomplished by installing a recirculating kit.


Liquid chemical is stored in a holding tank and with each press of the foot pump, it is sprayed onto a counter-weighted plastic plate that blocks entry into the holding tank while clearing the solid waste off.

This design ensures that no chemicals from the holding tank are able to splash onto the user, making it very hygienic.


The user simply uses depresses the foot pump and solid waste (if any) is washed off the plate, into the holding tank. Then, the plate is repositioned to seal off the holding tank.

Install an Optional Hand Wash Sink

Want to give the gift of clean hands? Then consider buying this portable toilet with a hand wash sink installed inside.


Choose from either AquaPop or Internal. Both sinks are compatible with Wave restrooms and use a foot pump to screen water onto the user's hands.

The AquaPop is especially versatile because it can be installed inside the Wave or it can be used as a stand-alone hand wash station outside. It comes with paper towel and liquid soap dispensers.

Portable toilet with sink for sale
Internal hand wash sink with pump

Exploded 3-D View

Easily cleaned smooth walls and molded air vents that keep the weather and insects out.

Strong sturdy door designed for strength and efficient cleaning.

Large capacity tank with ergonomic seat and wave design for no contact.

Single-piece molded base with anti-slip surface.


Sturdy easily cleaned door, completely made of plastic.

Rounded corners make grasping easier for moving.


Hidden rivets make for more pleasing, safer, and practical space.

Integrated Components

Urinal has a screen that eliminates clogged tube.


Three roll capacity toilet paper holder with handy built in shelf.


Shipping By Sea
  • 40’ HC = 80 toilets + 80 internal hand wash or toilets + 80 recirculating kits

  • 20’ = 32 toilets + 32 internal hand wash or toilets + 80 recirculating kits

Shipping By Truck
  • 1 Pallet Wave toilets = 89 x 47 x 93 inches

  • 1600 lbs = 8 Wave toilets

  • 1 53’ FI Truck = 13 Pallet or 104 Wave toilets

Technical Specifications


90 inches

228.6 cm


43 inches

109.2 cm


47.2 inches

119.8 cm


172 pounds

78 kg

Tank Capacity:

60 gallons

227 L

Made of high-density, grade 4 polyethylene plus anti-UV treatment.